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Building capacity, capability, and connection into business and community through AI and Digital Tools.




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From tailored programs to concise webinars and workshops, The Digital Guide specialises in creating impactful content that simplifies complex concepts and achieves tangible outcomes.

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Save yourself time and money bypassing the costly and time-consuming trial and error phase. Let The Digital Guide be your ultimate shortcut.

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Expect a dynamic and engaging experience with Tracy as your conference or event speaker. Making the complex simple and having fun along the way.


We’re Entering Uncharted Waters.

We are currently witnessing the birth of the next digital revolution, powered by Artificial Intelligence. The way you respond in the upcoming months will determine whether you seize unprecedented opportunities or fall into obscurity. We’re here to guide you through this ever-evolving landscape with confidence.

How Will AI

Affect Your Work?

There is no denying that AI is having a significant impact on business and community at all levels. Recent research conducted by Stanford University reveals that 57% of respondents acknowledged the inevitable transformation of their current job within 5 years. It’s our role to guide you through the AI maze and help you craft a plan to build capacity to remain relevant.

How will ai impact work

What We Offer

We are firm believers in the transformative power of education. Our core mission is to build capability and capacity in all businesses and regions we engage with. By understanding the strategy behind your digital solutions, you can select the most ideal providers without falling victim to exploitation. 

Training e1717060543380

In House Training

Ensure your team maximises the potential of digital tools available to them by working smarter with AI. Improve productivity and leverage capacity with bespoke training programs.

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AI - Cyber Security and Digital Governance

The role of governance in the workplace has never been more crucial. It is vital to comprehend your exposure points and establish effective policies and procedures to ensure your company remains fully compliant.

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Coaching and Consulting

As a business owner, having a trusted advisor who can act as a sounding board is crucial. When it comes to making decisions regarding your business’s digital future, it is essential to ensure that you have the right individuals at the table. Our coaching and consulting services provides you with the guidance and expertise needed to navigate the digital landscape and make informed decisions for your business.

Looking For A Speaker Who Will Cut Through and Engage?

Tracy’s journey began at the age of five when she stepped onto the stage of The Sydney Opera House. It was at that moment that she recognised her true calling: connecting with large groups of people.

With unwavering dedication, Tracy has invested countless hours and resources into perfecting her craft. From drama classes to comedy and stage craft to voice lessons, she has honed her skills as a professional speaker.

At her core, Tracy is a connector who derives immense joy from witnessing the transformative moments experienced by each individual in her audience. Whether through keynotes, workshops, webinars, or small group learning, Tracy has an exceptional ability to make you feel like the sole focus of her attention.






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With content constantly refreshed, you are guaranteed to always receive the most up-to-date information related to your industry. 

Tracy is available for keynotes throughout Australia and internationally. She can be booked directly or via speaking bureaus.

Fancy a chat with Tracy before booking?

Booking a speaker for an event can be overwhelming. You may wonder if they will connect with your audience, understand your event’s goals, and align with your values. These are all significant concerns, and it’s essential that you feel confident in your choice of speaker.

We’ve made it simple for you to schedule a no-obligation chat with Tracy before deciding. Take the opportunity to talk to Tracy, discuss your event, and ensure that you’re comfortable investing in the perfect speaker for your needs.

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